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Mr Daniels, Staffordshire, 5x6 Simplicity Stafford, January 2012

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Project Information

We have always prided ourselves on adapting and overcoming problems, so when Mr Daniels asked us if we could install his Simplicity Stafford in a manner that allowed him access through his greenhouse into his potting shed, at the same time as collecting rainwater from the roof, naturally we said yes. We began by cutting out some of the existing crazy paving and prepared a perimeter foundation low enough to allow the greenhouse gutter to sit underneath the potting shed's tiled roof. When erecting the greenhouse, we butted the frame up against timber battens attached to the wall and removed a pane of glass to allow access from one building to another.

If you have an area in mind for siting your greenhouse and you're not sure if it is suitable, then please just give us a call.

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