Professional greenhouse installations for peace of mind.

Bought a greenhouse and having second thoughts about self-assembly? Then you're on the right site!


Greenhouse installations

If you’ve bought or are thinking about buying a new greenhouse, then please give us a call. We have built greenhouses from 4’ x 2’ to 12’ x 40’ and anywhere in between, so there really is no job too small or large. Freestanding, bespoke, lean-tos, dwarf walls, octagonal, we have experience in all things greenhouses. Please look at our 'About Us' page for the recommended manufacturers that we deal with.

Greenhouse relocations

Moving house? Re-designing the garden? Just a bit bored? We have seen people become quite attached to their greenhouses over the years and realise that you might want to take your existing greenhouse with you to a new home, or simply move it to a new place in your garden. We have the means to dismantle, transport and if needs be, store your existing greenhouse and re-erect it. Most greenhouses can be dismantled and re-built without the need for replacement parts and if it is that you do need them, we can arrange that as well. Give either Andrew or Ian a call for a quote - we are confident it that it will be a lot more cost-effective than replacing it.

Base Laying

We also offer a base preparation service for our local customers, within roughly a 25 mile driving radius of the postcode ST119RD. We generally recommend slabbed bases for drainage purposes and can prepare fully slabbed areas, perimeter plinths or slabbed bases with soil or gravel beds. We can also build brick bases suitable for larger Elite greenhouses

We can arrange a free site survey to discuss your needs and will then supply you with a to scale diagram showing exactly where your greenhouse will sit. We will arrange all necessary materials and can dispose of any waste if necessary.

And of course, as we hope that we will also be fitting your new greenhouse afterwards, it is in our best interests to ensure your base is flat and level.

As most greenhouses do not have adjustable gutters or areas for electric cable access, we can also account for slight falls to ensure your water butts get filled, and the prior installation of electric cables. We think about these things so that you don’t have to.

Greenhouse dismantling / disposals

We are also more than happy to safely dismantle and dispose of your old greenhouse if necessary. This can often be a precarious and dangerous task, particularly with older wooden buildings and horticultural glass, and we have become quite accustomed to doing this efficiently and safely. Indeed, in July 2010, we were asked to dismantle and dispose of our biggest greenhouse yet - a mammoth 60’ wide by 150’ long steel-framed nursery building. It was quite a task.

Dwarf Wall preparation

If you are having a specialist Robinson's greenhouse or Alton greenhouse, particularly with the Victorian-style models, there is often a need for a dwarf wall to be built. We are experienced in preparing dwarf walls for higher end greenhouses and understand that accuracy and quality is key. Please just ask.

Premises and Delivery

We are confident that we can offer a service unique from other greenhouse installers, please click the link for details. PREMISES AND DELIVERY

Impartial advice and assistance

And of course, if you simply need a little advice or assistance navigating the greenhouse maze then we are more than happy to help you in any way we can.