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Bought a greenhouse and having second thoughts about self-assembly? Then you're on the right site!

Premises and Delivery

We are confident that we are in a unique position to many other greenhouse installers in that we have a premises set-up purely for the preparation of greenhouses. Because of this, we can often arrange to collect and deliver your new greenhouse ourselves on our own specialist transport. Why you may ask? Well, this allows us to prepare your new greenhouse prior to us delivering and erecting it. This has a few main benefits to you, the customer…

- Delivery and installation on the same day. You do not need to arrange time off work to accept delivery and then again for installation.

- Elimination of missing or faulty parts. Many greenhouse companies will ask you to check over your new greenhouse to ensure that everything is present and correct prior to your installer arriving. In practice, this is a little unrealistic when it comes to small parts and the accurate punching of holes. We can save you the frustration and disappointment of missing or faulty parts and the need to arrange for replacements and rescheduling greenhouse fitters. By preparing your greenhouse, we can ensure that mistakes are rectified before they leave our warehouse and provide a smoother and more efficient service for all involved.

- We can be more efficient. By preparing buildings before they leave our warehouse, we can ensure that even the largest greenhouses are installed in one day, meaning that you can start growing more quickly.

- Quicker delivery and installation. We cannot guarantee this, but there are occasions when our ability to deliver and install means that you can sometimes get your greenhouse installed more quickly. Most greenhouses take around 4-6 weeks to be delivered and in peak periods you could easily wait a further 4 weeks for another greenhouse installer to be available. Our flexibility means that we can often substantially cut the time that you are made to wait.

Please note that this service is not available on all manufacturers and models and is subject to the manufacturer’s prior agreement, and of course yours. Naturally, if you have already had your greenhouse delivered, or would prefer delivery direct from the manufacturer, then we can come directly to your site and install from flat-pack.